I have moved!

Running a business is work! Especially in the 21st century when you're trying to keep up with social media, marketing gimmicks, fancy SEOs. . . I could go on. The last two months have been a whirlwind. I got some new pictures, and went through a whole re-branding effort. So now, my fancy new site... Continue Reading →


#fatacceptance saves lives!

Disclaimer: I am cognizant of the fact that in the plus sized world, I'm a "small fat" person, or in other terms: merely overweight. You should absolutely seek out writings and the words of bigger folks on what #fatacceptance can look like and means to them. I do not mean to speak over bigger folks... Continue Reading →

Armour: External or Internal?

I have neglected this blog for a while. ┬áMy sincerest apologies. A few civvie opportunities have managed to distract me very successfully . . . But! That is not to say that I wasn't playing. A close friend of mine recently surprised me with a nail armor set for a single hand and I had... Continue Reading →

Sex Work can be Romantic

When I was a young girl, I admired a lot of the older women from a distance. Which little girl did not? I admired their beauty, the grace with which they carried it, and fantasized about the days when I could wear heels and wear tear drop earrings. On my journey to womanhood of course,... Continue Reading →

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