Sex Work can be Romantic

When I was a young girl, I admired a lot of the older women from a distance. Which little girl did not? I admired their beauty, the grace with which they carried it, and fantasized about the days when I could wear heels and wear tear drop earrings.

Black and White photo of a black woman in pin up with rollers in her hair sitting infront of a mirror and spraying perfume on her self.
Image Credit: Unknown

On my journey to womanhood of course, I also came across pictures of pin-up girls. They held the same fascination for me as all the real life graceful woman did. They were seductive, alluring, timeless, mysterious, and most of all, provocatively FUN! I sighed over them endlessly!

If you have acquainted yourself with the “About” of this blog, you are well aware that I am a sex worker. I provide services as an Escort, as a Professional Dominatrix, and as a Phone Sex Operator. I mention this to say that I do not take the view of sex work being romantic from a naive point of view. I dress up like a pin up girl, and talk on the phone like a pin-up girl (all outfits included), and greet my gentlemen callers dressed up like a pin-up girl.

Black and White photograph of Miss Topsy (an African American model) in pin-up.
Miss Topsy – she inspires me to do a pin-up inspired photography shoot one day!

Sex work, of course, is more than just aesthetics. Sex work allows me to to get into minds of a caller from the other side of the coast. I talk to my gentlemen callers (on the phone and in person) about their deepest desires, about what keeps them from realizing it, and then in turn, helping them realize it in the most intimate sphere of their life.

What’s more romantic than that?


Header Image Credit: Aaron Blumenshine

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